Developmental Adaptive Yoga

Developmental Adaptive Yoga

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What does a lifelong yoga practice look like?  How does one's yoga practice change over a lifetime?
What do you suppose yoga looks like for people who hear, think and experience the world differently?  
Yoga is more than asana (the exercise part)... Yoga's benefits (for young people of any age) are gaining 
attention and research.  Developmental Adaptive Yoga brings light, love and laughter to people with 
developmental needs based on current research and ancient ideas... Deep breathing is a great example of 
this - 

Tyler from Autism Works suggests:

Growing up, I tried a variety of strategies and techniques to control myself. But the one which has proved to be very efficient is deep breathing. It shields all the triggers and impulses from view and brings me down to a normal level of excitement. Watch this video to understand the effect deep breathing has on me these days.

Lastly I just want to say thank you so much for listening to me and wanting to help a person with autism.

You'll learn a useful strategy that can help a person with autism handle themselves in any situation.



P.S. Even if you don't have autism, deep breathing can bring about a huge change in your life and give you peace. See this video to hear it 's various benefits.

Developmental Adaptive Yoga - DAY class

Our class is a celebration of neurodiversity! People of any and all abilities are invited to attend and participate.  Through modification, props and adaptations, we will learn about our bodies and ourselves.  Aides and caregivers who are currently working with you are invited to attend (free of charge).  We will explore yoga and all of the benefits associated with a personal/community practice. You will learn meditation, deep breathing techniques, and postures, as well as have some fun while we explore the other limbs of yoga.  Please plan to take your shoes off, wear comfortable clothing  and bring a smile (and a yoga mat if you have one).  The DAY class is also a part of the Yoga Research Center, where participants may contribute to the ongoing projects.  Yogis who would like to participate as part of a seva practice are encouraged to attend.  We think that would be beautiful!  

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early for your class ; )

We live in a time when young people seem to be very stressed.  Yoga can help!

Here are some research based examples:

Effect of yoga on academic performance in relation to stress as reported in:

Ingunn Hagen,* and  Usha S. Nayar have identified 7 potential outcomes in their article "Yoga for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being: Research Review and Reflections on the Mental Health Potentials of Yoga":  Click here to read more.

With all this research in mind, 
DAY classes are built around the divine spark in each of us.  

Does a yoga class have to start a certain way?  

Does it always need to flow in a certain way?  

What about yoga for people who are physically inactive?

What do you think?

With all our DAY classes we celebrate Neurodiversity!


-Facilitates an accepting environment for people with Autism and other disabilities to interact with peers

-Creates opportunities for typically developing people to develop compassion, learn about disabilities, form friendships, and become role models.

Click here to have a look at it:  Our DAY class in action...

We are always developing curriculum to help teach yoga...
Please contact Tom if you would like to share in this process.

A little timeline:

DAY classes started September 2014 at the Santa Cruz Yoga Studio - Thanks to Mark and Natalie! 

In July of 2020 DAY classes moved to Littleton, CO!  
Please contact Tom if you have questions.

DAY yoga teacher trainings are also available.

You can see more pictures from Santa Cruz Yoga's Developmental Adaptive Yoga classes:


Here are some other great resources:

Special Thanks to Kim and her Girl Scout Troop for this amazing page of resources.  Financial Resources for Students with Special Abilities!

Check out this excellent guide to home remodeling especially for people with exceptional needs  - Expertise.   

How about a guide to Disability and Social Security.

Do you know someone who needs rehab help?

Would you like to learn more about:

Check out this page of Business Ideas for People With Exceptional Abilities from some fine people at the Different with Dignity Community Center.

Check out this excellent article by Denise Arbeau on Yoga in the Developmental Classroom.

You could subscribe to Disability Scoop.

Keep up on the latest research on the Autism Spectrum from Spectrum News.

Especially note the latest from the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago.

If you have a Developmental Adaptive Yoga project you would like us to feature, 
or if you have further questions, please contact Tom.   


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