2020 - Introducing the Yoga Research PhD Cohort

Flowing from breath to breath our first ever Yoga Research PhD Cohort is here!
Watch their Yoga Research Projects develop and watch them change our world ; )

B.S. YadavBS is passionate about curing patients, who aren’t getting treated by contemporary medicine, through a combination of Yoga, Ayurved, acupressure, and naturopathy. With God’s grace, he has been able to cure 20,000+ patients with diverse ailments such as lifestyle disorders (back & neck pains), depression, heart, and paralysis. Since 2002, he has been running his private clinic in Delhi and regularly organizes free medical camps in villages, paramilitary units, Vihangam Yog gatherings. BS took to Yoga, abreast of his illustrious career as an officer with Govt. of India, and later as an advocate. He struggled with his stubborn diseases like frozen shoulder, gastritis, and asthma, and eventually got cured through Yoga and Naturopathy. He sees yoga as a holistic science of transformation and transcendence and wishes to further explore its depths. The current focus is on curing stubborn ailments such as diabetes, degenerative spinal diseases, and depression to help people lead a happier life globally.

RN, Wise Woman Nurse®, is a Functional Medicine Health Educator who teaches, inspires, and motivates you to use Yoga as a Lifestyle Medicine tool. She believes a daily Yoga practice is key to supporting healthy lifestyle choices and ensuring long term optimal health. Paula is a Registered Nurse, School Health and Fitness Teacher, Herbalist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Yoga MentorPaula "walks her talk" from her wooded home in the foothills of the Adirondacks of Northern, NY where she finds her inspiration and calm in Nature.  

TiaTia Ashleigh is a yoga practitioner, philosophy writer, and global citizen. For the past six years, Tia have been leading hundreds of people on and off the mat – as teacher and coach - in over ten countries on four continents.  Originally from Canada, Tia has spent the past decade living, working, studying abroad including South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, Spain and India.  She has paired her academic background in psychology and neuroscience (BA); and Journalism & Cultural Studies (MA) with over 800hours of yoga teacher trainings with Indian Swamis and Doctors of Philosophy in Yoga Shastra at the oldest formalized colleges of yoga (2018/19) in India.  From her personal experiences, Tia has observed a gap in what has manifested in the name of yoga in the West and its true essence as espoused in the ancient texts.  In a world of information overload and a plethora of pages, classes, types of yoga available at our fingertips, Tia’s aim is to always come back to the science of wellbeing by grounding the yoga she shares with textual and scriptural backing: so that we may know why we are doing what we are doing in yoga class, and we may begin to feel and experience something new in our daily lives. Tia’s practice is to honour the evolution of yoga in the Western hemisphere, while providing reason, rational and scriptural reference to understand this evolution and the true purpose of yoga, and what we are working toward in its practice through workshops, classes, and writing. 

Check out Tia's website - www.selfbalancingbeings.com