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MV Weitz - 2020
Living with breast cancer impacts many and presents a growing public health
burden. In 2019, there were 268,200 new cases of female breast cancer. While the
incidence of breast cancer rises, newer treatment strategies and earlier diagnosis …

[PDF] A Study on The Effect of Integrated Yoga on the Type of Delivery

P Chandrakar - Studies in Indian Place Names, 2020
Child birth also known as delivery or labor, is the ending of pregnancy where one or
more babies leaves the uterus by passing through the vagina or by caesarean
section. In addition, the pregnancy complications increasing rapidly and now a day's …

[HTML] How Yoga Encourages a more Environmentally Sustainable Life

A Braunius
Yoga has been connected with the Green movement for environmentally-sustainable
living. Practicing yoga allows individuals to practice mindfulness, to recognize the
interconnections of thought, energy, and action, and has been shown to heighten …

Calcium loss in sweat does not stimulate PTH release: A study of Bikram hot yoga

SL Mathis, AI Pivovarova, SM Hicks, H Alrefai… - … Therapies in Medicine, 2020
It has been hypothesized that sweat loss during exercise causes a disruption in
calcium homeostasis that activates bone resorption and over time leads to low bone
mineral density. The purpose of this small pilot study was to determine whether …

Effect of Yoga Therapy on Disease Activity, Inflammatory Markers, and Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

S Ganesan, GS Gaur, VS Negi, VK Sharma, GK Pal - The Journal of Alternative and …, 2020
Background: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an immune-mediated inflammatory
disease. Antirheumatoid treatment reduces disease activity and inflammation, but not
all patients respond to treatment. Autonomic dysfunction is common in RA leading to …

[PDF] Yoga-82: A New Dataset for Fine-grained Classification of Human Poses

M Verma, S Kumawat, Y Nakashima, S Raman - arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.10362, 2020
Human pose estimation is a well-known problem in computer vision to locate joint
positions. Existing datasets for the learning of poses are observed to be not
challenging enough in terms of pose diversity, object occlusion, and viewpoints. This …

Yoga-based lifestyle treatment and composite treatment goals in Type 2 Diabetes in a rural South Indian setup-a retrospective study

A Geetharani, N Raghuram, M Vijaya, M Singh… - Scientific Reports (Nature …, 2020
This multicentre retrospective study examined the effects of adjunct yoga-treatment in
achieving composite cardiovascular goals for type 2 diabetes (T2D), set forth by the
American Diabetes Association (ADA) in rural Indian settings. Records were …

Training Technology Probes Across Fitness Practices: Yoga, Circus and Weightlifting

L Turmo Vidal, E Márquez Segura, L Parrilla Bel… - Extended Abstracts of the …, 2020
Wearable technology for sports and fitness have increased in popularity in the last
decade, but most technological solutions in research are designed for a single
specific fitness practice and target group. Towards validating a design approach and …

[PDF] Namaste in Teaching: How Yoga Practice Affects Novice Teacher Resilience

D Fitzpatrick - 2020
This phenomenological qualitative research study sought to understand how novice
teachers perceive yoga practice as contributing to the development of resilience. The
study's design illuminated the novice teachers experiences by providing in-depth …


GH Boeger - 2020
The current study examines the relationships between frequency of yoga practice
and outcomes of self-compassion, couple satisfaction, and family functioning. Yoga
and other forms of Eastern medicine have become increasingly popular in Western …


P RAGHUNATH - Purakala with ISSN 0971-2143 is an UGC CARE …, 2020
ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of yoga, meditation and
brain training exercises on visual memoryof tribal school students. To achieve the purpose
of the present study, eighty tribal school students from Attapadi, Palakkad District …

Effectiveness of Motor Activities for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as a Predatory Programme for Performing Yoga

AK Chaudhary, H Das
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized
by challenges with social skills, motor abilities, repetitive behaviors, speech and
nonverbal communication. Yoga is a supplementary activity to enhance the skill …

The Yogasūtra of Patañjali: A New Introduction to the Buddhist Roots of the Yoga System

PP Gokhale - 2020
This book offers a systematic and radical introduction to the Buddhist roots of
Pātañjala-yoga, or the Yoga system of Patañjali. By examining each of 195
aphorisms (sūtras) of the Yogasūtra and discussing the Yogabhāṣya, it shows that …


TK Badrinath - Studies in Indian Place Names, 2020
306 Copyright© 2020 Authors physical impurities such as dirt and air. The question
of food has occupied an important position with that of the bhaktas. There is a great
truth always underlying this question of food. One must remember that sattva, rajas …

[PDF] Prenatal Yoga for Mental Health: A Systematic Literature Review

RR Danti, R Nuzuliana, H Fitriana - 5th Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Public Health …, 2020
Women will be proud if they enjoy their pregnancy process in a healthy condition
both physically and psychologically. However, some pregnancy can trigger
psychological problems in pregnant women. One of complementary therapies that …

Here Are Some of Yoga's Science-Backed Benefits Mar 03, 2020 Posted by: Katie D'Onofrio health, health benefits of yoga, scientific research, yogayoga practice

Y Kits, BA Ambassador
When it comes to the benefits of yoga, regular practitioners will tell you it'sa no-
brainer. Whether it's working up a sweat, accessing the breath more easily, or finding
complete and utter bliss during a killer savasana, yogis don't have to be convinced …

[PDF] A Systematic Review of the Effects of Yoga Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain

TA Poling - 2019
The purpose of this poster is to present the current state of the opioid crisis and to
explore alternative therapies for chronic low back pain in the general adult
population. Findings indicate that yoga therapy is an effective, cost efficient …

[PDF] Benefits of yoga in premenstrual syndrome-a critical review

D Munishwar, B Mishra - National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 2019
Objective: The objective of this study is to see in detail the physiological and
hormonal changes during the premenstrual phase and the effects of yoga practice in
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) so that, the percentage of females suffering from it …

Perceived Exertion and Affect From Tai Chi, Yoga, and Stretching Classes for Elderly Women

L Follador, RC Alves, SS Ferreira, AC Silva, SG Silva - Perceptual and Motor Skills, 2019
Tai Chi, yoga, and stretching regimens are gaining popularity as alternatives to more
traditional exercise, but there is scant research regarding participants' perceived
exertion and affective responses to these practices. We compared experienced …

[PDF] Investigating Early Childhood Teachers' Perceptions of a Preschool Yoga Program

K Wolff, A Stapp - SAGE Open, 2019
Yoga for young children has become a growing area of interest in early childhood
settings across the United States. Evidence suggests that yoga has the ability to
improve young children's physical development, executive functioning, self …

Ayurveda and Yoga: Prevention and Self-Healing through Awareness

KR Wasmuht - 2019
" Ayurveda and Yoga-Prevention and Self-Healing through Awareness" is intended
as a small guide to a fulfilling and happy life through self-knowledge. Ayurveda and
yoga point the way to how life can be made healthier and how living conditions can …


RK Meena, S Gothwal, R Meena - International Journal of Medical and Biomedical …, 2020
Background: Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union. It is Hindu spiritual and self-
discipline method for integrating the body, breath and mind. It is a tradition of health
and spirituality that evolved in the Indian peninsula over a period of some 5000 years …

Anthelminthic Program by Means of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy

B Svitlana, K Tetiana - Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 2020
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a quarter of the Earth's
population (1.4 billion people) is infected with intestinal parasites. In Europe, every
third person got helminths or is a carrier of helminths. In Ukraine, 300-400 thousand …

Effect of yoga intervention among patients undergoing low back pain treatment: A literature review

S Syahrul - Enfermería Clínica, 2020
Objective The aims of this study to get an overview of the effect of yoga in the
treatment of chronic lower back pain to improve the clinical outcomes of patients.
Methods Searching of the articles in this study used PubMed, Cochrane, Wiley …

[PDF] Advantages of Pranayama and Yoga Exercises over the Increasing Pollution

The paper discusses and raises the importance of Yogic exercises and the Yoga
Aasanas practice in day to day life of every working and non-working person taking
the recent air pollution into consideration the diseases caused by air pollution are so …


Introduction. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease, characterized by episodes of
focal deficits of the optic nerves, brain and spinal cord. The neurological
manifestations are versatile, being determined by the variability of the localization …

[PDF] An Impact of Raja Yoga Meditation on Perception and Attention among School Girls

AR Jesintha
Yoga and meditation techniques have been in use for centuries in learning
environments and clinical settings as methods to reduce pain and to mitigate stress.
Raja Yoga meditation eases physiological and psychological stress and restores …

Partitioning of radiological, stress and biochemical changes in pre-diabetic women subjected to Diabetic Yoga Protocol

AK Singh, N Kaur, S Kaushal, R Tyagi, D Mathur… - Diabetes & Metabolic …, 2019
Background Yoga is an ancient system of wellness with Asana and Pranayama as its 
most popular and propagated modules for management of lifestyle disorders. 
Objectives The aim of the study was to characterise the liver abnormalities …

Effects of Yoga Versus Sham Yoga on Oxidative Stress, Glycemic Status, and Anthropometry in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Single-Blinded Randomized Pilot Study

SV Hegde, P Adhikari, SM Kotian, R Shastry - International Journal of Yoga Therapy, 2019
Studies have shown a beneficial role of yoga in treating type 2 diabetes mellitus. The 
present study proceeds in the field by providing an active control. We aimed to 
evaluate the effect of 3 months of yoga on oxidative stress, glycemic status, and …

[HTML] Effects of Yoga on cardiorespiratory profile of young adult indian male participants residing in West Bengal: A cross-sectional study

R Ray, A Chaudhuri, D Adhya, A Biswas, S Koner - Medical Journal of Dr. DY Patil …, 2019
Background: Stress-related diseases are becoming the number one killer in the 
modern age. Aims: The aim of the study is to identify the effects of yoga on 
cardiorespiratory profile and stress levels of young adult Indian males residing in …


K Maurya, S Dadhore - 2019
Developing a yoga package solution to overcome the internet game disorder factors 
is important to diagnose and prevent the condition. The purpose of this study is to 
suggest a yogic package solution that prevents the IGD based on psychological …

International Yoga Day-2019 Report International Day of Yoga was Celebrated on 21st June 2019 by the Department of Physical Education, Prof. Muragaiah, Dean …

Page 1. SRI PADMAVATI MAHILA VISVAVIDYALAYAM (Women's University) Accredited
International Yoga Day -2019 Report International Day of Yoga was Celebrated on 21st …

Alternative Healing in American History: An Encyclopedia from Acupuncture to Yoga

M Shally-Jensen - 2019
Offering insightful accounts of everything from aging prevention to Voodoo & 
Santeria, Alternative Healing in Popular Culture: An Encyclopedia from Acupuncture 
to Yoga situates each popular approach in the history and culture of health and …

[HTML] Yoga Essays (Examples)

IY as an Integrative
As recognition of the mind, body, spirit connection grows, consumers and healthcare 
providers are turning to alternative and complementary medical strategies to reduce 
stress, maintain health, and address health issues (Ainsworth). Nurses and nursing …


To live in harmony with oneself and the environment, it is necessary to inculcate 
physical, mental, social and spiritual health in children. When the body is physically 
healthy, the mind becomes clear, focused and stress comes under control. Practicing …

[HTML] The Effects of Yoga and Medial Thrust Gait Training and Conventional Physiotherapy on Gait Biomechanics, Pain, and Function in Individuals with Knee Osteoarthritis …

HR Bokaeian, F Esfandiarpour, S Zahednejad… - Middle East Journal of …
Background: Literature indicates a strong association between biomechanical 
factors, ie, increased knee adduction moment (KAM) and knee osteoarthritis. 
Laboratory studies showed that yoga exercises and medial thrust (MT) gait pattern …

[HTML] A comparative study on the effect of music and a combination of music and yoga interventions on the psycho-physiological parameters of cardiac patients posted for …

S Ajmera, S Sundar, AB Bhavanani, G Dayanidy… - SBV Journal of Basic …, 2018
Results Paired t-tests revealed that both music and the combination of music and 
yoga interventions resulted in within the group significant reduction in anxiety and 
respiratory rate and music listening group recorded significant reduction in SBP …

[PDF] Increased pain tolerance in dental patients by Yoga with special reference to Pranayama and Bhakti Yoga

A Balkrishna, K Singh, K Maurya, P Gowda - 2018
Yoga practices to assess the pain tolerance especially in dental pain when 
compared to control group. The bhakti yoga methods such as AUM chanting, Mantra 
Japa, Prayer and Meditation have increased the pain tolerance level of the patients …

[PDF] Efficacy of Yoga Training on Self-satisfaction and Mental Wellbeing among Nursing Students

INTRODUCTION The transition from adolescence to adulthood, particularly for 
students, is accompanied by several major life changes and [1] challenges. High levels 
of stress is believed to affect students' health and academic performance. Nursing students …

[HTML] A health sciences library promotes wellness with free yoga

T Casucci, D Baluchi - Journal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA, 2019
In an attempt to bolster wellness and connect to the health sciences community, an academic 
health sciences library offered free yoga as a ten-week trial series in summer 2016. At 
the end of the trial series, weekly attendance and online feedback data determined that …

Yoga Mudras: Benefits

V Vandali, RB Biradar - International Journal of Advances in Nursing …, 2018
Objectives of the article is to create awareness regarding yoga mudras, to highlight 
the benefits of yoga mudras, & to draw attention of health professionals across the 

The yoga mat as a pocket of local order

K Winander, E Wihlborg - American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, 2018
Digitalization makes the world more fragmented. It makes almost anything possible 
to do at any time anywhere. From a time-geographical point of view this is 
impossible. Mentally we can be anywhere, but physically we can only be here and …

[PDF] Decolonizing Yoga? and (Un) settling Social Justice

T Blu Wakpa - Race and Yoga, 2018
Settler colonial and/or dominant yoga discourses exclude peoples who are 
Indigenous to the partition of Turtle Island often referred to as the US as well as the 
Indigenous South Asian, South Asian, South Asian American, and/or South Asian …

Grey Matter and Functional Connectivity in Anterior Cingulate Cortex is Associated With the State of Mental Silence During Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

SE Hernández, A Barros-Loscertales, Y Xiao… - Neuroscience, 2017
Abstract Some meditation techniques teach the practitioner to achieve the state of mental 
silence. The aim of this study was to investigate brain regions that are associated in their 
volume and functional connectivity with the depth of mental silence in long-term practitioners 

[PDF] The effect of yoga and physical exercise on body fat variables of rural and urban secondary school students of Vijayapur districts in Karnataka

PM Rajkumar, SS Patil - 2017
Abstract The purpose of the study was intended to assess the Effect of Yogic and Physical 
Exercises and Rural and Urban on Fat content of Secondary students for this purpose 
hundred fifty students studying in various classes of Government high school Nagathan and 

[PDF] Yoga classes may be an alternative to physiotherapy for people with chronic nonspecific low back pain [commentary]

R Munk - Journal of Physiotherapy, 2017
Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. 1 No treatment can cure 
persistent low back pain, but interventions that can reduce pain and disability are available. 
2 In general, nonphamacological treatments are emphasised over pharmacological 

How prenatal yoga can help keep expectant mothers relaxed and reduce stress

G Earls - Australian Midwifery News, 2017
Stress can affect women from all demographics, and stress exposure during pregnancy is 
related to higher preterm delivery and lower birth weight (Wadhwa et al., 2001). As the 
effects of stress on expectant mothers is being better understood, so is our knowledge of 

[PDF] Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga 8. Human Life

NG Rao
The term" Niyama'literally represents' binding rules' or'observances' or'discipline". It can be 
observed that the human existence is based on the awareness of some rules or discipline in 
the form of do's and don'ts as the value of such concepts has been recognized in entire 

[PDF] The Effect of Yoga and Physical Exercises on Resting Pulse Rate Variable of Secondary School Students

RP Malipatil, SS Patil
Abstract: The purpose of the study was intended to assess the effect of yogic and physical 
exercises on resting Pulse rate for this purpose hundred fifty students studying in various 
classes of Government high school Nagathan and Sanganbasaveshawar residential school 

[HTML] Yoga: Can It Be Integrated with Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

S Telles, N Sayal, C Nacht, A Chopra, K Patel, A Wnuk… - Integrative Medicine …, 2017
... Review. Open Access Gateway. Yoga: Can It Be Integrated with Treatment of Neuropathic
Pain. Telles S. d, e · Sayal N. b · Nacht C. a · Chopra A. a · Patel K. a · Wnuk A. a · Dalvi
P. c · Bhatia K. f · Miranpuri G. a · Anand A. b ... Management of Pain through Yoga. Insular

[PDF] Effects Of Yoga On Cardiac Health Sleep Quality, Mental Health And Quality Of Life Of Elderly Individuals With Chronic Ailments: A Single Arm Pilot Study

A Hegde, K Metri, P Chwadhary, N Babu… - 2017
Abstract There is a high prevalence of chronic health problems in elderly persons which 
significantly affects their mental health, sleep quality and quality of life (QoL). Practice of 
yoga known to enhance physical and mental health. Present pilot study intended to evaluate 

Hypoxia in CNS pathologies: Emerging role of miRNA-based neurotherapeutics and yoga based alternative therapies

G Minhas, D Mathur, B Ragavendrasamy, NK Sharma… - Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2017
Cellular respiration is a vital process for the existence of life. Any condition that results in 
deprivation of oxygen (also termed as hypoxia) may eventually lead to deleterious effects on 
the functioning of tissues. Brain being the highest consumer of oxygen is prone to increased 

[PDF] The Efficacy of Yoga as a Form of Treatment for Depression

L Bridges, M Sharma - Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & …, 2017
The purpose of this article was to systematically review yoga interventions aimed at 
improving depressive symptoms. A total of 23 interventions published between 2011 and 
May 2016 were evaluated in this review. Three study designs were used: randomized 

Biography of a Yogi: Paramahansa Yogananda and the Origins of Modern Yoga

AP Foxen - 2017

[PDF] Effects of Yoga and Mindfulness-Based Practices on Stress and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents

A Geldert - 2017
Abstract This study focused on yoga, and other mindfulness-based practices and how they
impact children and adolescents who are dealing with stress and anxiety. Three interviews 
were conducted with Yoga Calm certified instructors who work with children and 

[PDF] Warrior Pose: Evaluation of Yoga Programming for Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness

S Lillebo - 2017
Abstract The purpose of this research is to investigate the effectiveness and practicality of 
offering yoga classes for youth aged 18-24 years old experiencing homelessness. The class 
took place at an urban drop-in center for homeless youth located in a metropolitan city in the 

[HTML] Longitudinal and Immediate Effect of Kundalini Yoga on Salivary Levels of Cortisol and Activity of Alpha-Amylase and Its Effect on Perceived Stress

JN García-Sesnich, MG Flores, MH Ríos, JG Aravena - International Journal of Yoga, 2017
This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons 
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License, which allows others to remix, tweak, and 
build upon the work non-commercially, as long as the author is credited and the new creations 

Effect of Yoga on QOL in Individuals With Multiple Sclerosis

KM McCrane, PC Hsieh - Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 2017
Abstract Search Terms: yoga OR mind-body exercise AND quality of life OR QOL AND 
multiple sclerosis OR MS Years: 2004-2014 Databases: PubMed, MEDLINE (via 
EBSCOhost), Ovid, Web of Science Number of Articles Reviewed: 6 Summary of Research 

Former Inmates Perceptions of the Prison Yoga Project

M Viorst - 2017
Abstract While mindfulness and yoga practices are increasingly prevalent as rehabilitative 
interventions for prisoners and vulnerable populations, there remains a dearth of studies 
conducted on the effects of these practices on incarcerated individuals. The research 

Yoga poses increase subjective energy and state self-esteem in comparison to 'power poses'

A Golec de Zavala, D Lantos, D Bowden - Frontiers in Psychology, 2017
Research on beneficial consequences of yoga focuses on the effects of yogic breathing and 
meditation. Less is known about the psychological effects of performing yoga postures. The 
present study investigated the effects of yoga poses on subjective sense of energy and self-

[PDF] I Shall Please—Placebo & Yoga Therapy

M Erb, M Sullivan
Placebo, in one sense, is about the creation of images of healing, and thus a 
physiological state of healing. Our innate desire to be well is one big and powerful animal. 
The oft-heard earlier statement implies,“Oh, that's just your imagination,” which in turn...

[PDF] 'How Yoga Are You?': Exploring the Contemporary Practice of Yoga in the United States

OM McLaughlin - 2016
Abstract In 2015, to the United States, 21 million Americans claimed to be regular 
practitioners of yogaYoga has long been studied by psychologists, therapists, and medical 
scientists for its ability to affect positive change in people's lives, particularly in regards to 

Got yoga?: A longitudinal analysis of thematic content and models' appearance-related attributes in advertisements spanning four decades of Yoga Journal

E Vinoski, JB Webb, J Warren-Findlow, KA Brewer… - Body Image, 2017
Abstract Yoga has become an increasingly common health practice among US adults over 
the past decade. With this growth in popularity, yoga-related print media have been criticized 
for shifting away from yoga's traditional philosophies and promoting a thin, lean ideal 

[HTML] Breathe Easier with Yoga Tune Up

K McAnlis, K Starrett
What do Louis Jackson, Kevyn McAnlis, Kelly Starrett* and twenty five million Americans all 
have in common? None of us can breathe…. well maybe that's being a little extreme, but we 
do have asthma. As mentioned in my previous blog, asthmatics suffer from chronically 

[PDF] Yoga in Prevention and Therapy

H Cramer, CL Park, A Steel, BN Gangadhar…
Yoga is rooted in Indian philosophy and has been a part of traditional Indian spiritual 
practice for millennia [1]. In recent times, the role of yoga has broadened. Yoga has now also 
become a popular route to physical and mental well-being, and has been adapted for use in 

[PDF] Developing a Small Theory of Treatment of Yoga

AR Patwardhan
Abstract With a recent trend to medicalize yoga, it is important to ensure that its application
for health is evidence based and that efficacy or effectiveness of yoga is evaluated 
rigorously. The method of 'theory based evaluation'regarding health interventions has been