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How important is music to your practice / to your life?

How important is music?

The sense of hearing . . . connects experientially with the heart, and music and sound touch us most directly. We do not resonate so deeply with the visual as with the auditory. This may be explained by the fact that our visual apparatus has a frequency range of slightly less than one octave, from infrared to ultraviolet, whereas our auditory system has a range of about eight octaves, approximately 60 to 16,000 hertz, or number of vibrations per second. We are sensitive to sound frequency as pitch and to light frequency as color. The frequencies of the visual field are much higher than those of the auditory field (by an order of 1010), and, as is well known, the higher the frequencies, the lesser the penetration of a given material. For instance, a piece of cardboard shields us easily from the light, but it takes a thick wall to block out sound, and the lower the pitch the deeper the penetration. We are very sensitive to sound, not just through the ear but through our whole skin, and all our organs are affected by it. [See Katharine Le Mee, Chant (New York: Bell Tower Publishing, 1994), pp. 28–29.]

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Relaxation Music

4.9Hz Binaural Brainwaves

Be The Change

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Hey Yoga Girl

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What about Mantra?

A mantra is a word, phrase, sound, or set of words that seekers use, according to precise guidelines, when they practice meditation. This science is both subtle and profound. It leads to a state in which the meditator allows the mantra to repeat itself internally in the deepest and most subtle way possible. The goal is to give the mind an internal focus, or point of concentration, so that it does not continue its normal, scattered pattern of mental activity. If followed properly, this technique allows the mind to quiet itself and become still (from The Science of Mantra).

This could be fun:

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What about the visual arts?

James Wvinner Photography - You know his video work ; )

When the surface of a lake is still

 you can see the bottom very clearly, 

but it is impossible to do so 

when the surface is agitated by waves. 

In the same way, when the mind is still 

with no desires and no thought waves 

you can see yourself. That is called "yoga"

Sri Swami Vishnudevananda

photo by Cheryl Slater