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The Yoga Research Center is continually renewed by practicing yogis. We do this as part of our karma yoga.
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~om shanti

Some of the people working with us include:

Chelsea believes yoga is medicine for the body, the mind and the soul. During college she took classes and was fascinated by how much she could learn about anatomy and physiology through the practice and appreciated the many physical benefits that came along. In 2010 Chelsea completed her 200 hour teacher training at Samasati, Costa Rica at the Marianne Wells Yoga Alliance School. Her playful practice focuses on breath, balance, mindful movement and alignment.

Chelsea specializes in teaching kids, teens and people with special needs. She believes classes should be fun, creative, and inspire connection and compassion for ourselves and one another. She will be continuing her yoga training this summer to complete a 500 hour program with Mark Stephens

Michelle -  travel and retreats

Michelle believes in cultivating a physical practice to take off the mat. 

She uses inspiration from daily life to build fun, heart opening flows, 

emphasizing strong alignment, and connectedness to breath, body, and mind.

Michelle teaches at Santa Cruz Yoga.

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Reema believes that yoga is more than a physical practice.  It helps cultivate the mind and opens the student to a more spiritual and mindful lifestyle.  Reema started practicing yoga in 2008.  Amidst other forms of physical exercise, yoga began to take a central role.  In 2014, Reema completed her Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teacher Training and began teaching in Santa Cruz.  She has been involved with the Santa Cruz Adaptive Yoga Project as a volunteer and is also an Acro-yoga enthusiast.  Reema's current area of interest focuses on the philosophy of yoga and it's reach into a student's mental and spiritual life.

Sean- survey results and blog

Motivated by his undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology and Kinesiology, and a desire to achieve a greater balance in his body mind, Sean started his yoga practice in 2008.  

While continuing to participate in other passions, yoga has increasingly taken a central place in Sean’s life, leading him to deepen his practice. In 2013, Sean completed his Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training and began teaching. Currently, Sean is working towards completing his Yoga Alliance 500 hour certification while teaching regularly at Santa Cruz Yoga.

Building on his undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology and Exercise Physiology, Sean’s current research focuses on the connection of body, mind, and consciousness.

…practicing yoga continues to be a deeply transformative process
​. tom 
and encourages ​
many adaptive yoga techniques in his life. Adaptation, modification and individualization are cornerstones of 
his practice and classes​
. He is deeply honored and surprised to be a veteran Special Education teacher. Thanks to 
​more than half  a century
 of this amazing life
​and the never ending support from Michele his wife and better half, t
om is 
​honored to learn from
 an ever increasing and amazingly broad spectrum of people. Helping students learn to be their own best teacher (through adaptation, autonomy and ahimsa) is his passion. Exploring the 
00-hour YTT Program with Mark Stephens
​ was both humbling and rewarding.​
When not on his mat or at school, t
 can be found sitting at the piano,
​ playing in the garden, cooking in the kitchen or simply wandering around the mountains of Colorado

Yoga and Music
smiling thru 
aya melts away

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