working with the yoga resource center

Thank you for your interest.  We would love and welcome you as part of the team.

Do you value your smileasana as much as your bakasana?

We are a decidedly 
altrocentric* team serving all yoga communities.

Here are a few things to consider:

We are all volunteers, we work with parts of the yoga center that are of most interest to us.

The idea is the yoga research center is a resource for people with an interest in yoga.

Our intention is for the yoga research center be dynamic, diverse and ever developing...

If you have time and would like to explore working with us further, please email - tom.

We do most of our work via email.  You can commit for a minute or forever...

om shanti shanti shanti

Some thoughts on Altrocentricism

It's the opposite of egocentric... "Altrocentric" means focusing on others. Such a team doesn't strive to be at the very center. Altrocentric people know they need to listen to other people, know they need to be intellectually curious and emotionally open,
they know they need empathy to do the job, not just in order to be good...

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.

—William Isaac Thomas and Dorothy Swaine Thomas, sociologists


Essential Points:

  1. The era of alpha-male leadership is over. Leaders who place themselves center stage and lead predominantly by coercing and pacesetting have a misguided understanding of the nature of leadership. They will not cope with the megatrend storm.
  2. Leadership is a social practice. Leadership is not a set of fixed attributes possessed by certain people. It is a relationship, the nature of which depends on its context. It is a shared activity that results in shared knowledge, understanding, and meaning. Being a leader or a follower is not a dichotomy but is subject to constant flux: An individual can be a leader in one context and a follower in another.

The Journey to Altrocentric Leadership

“They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” 
—Andy Warhol, pop artist

Altrocentric leadership is necessary in order to cope with the megatrend storm. But there is no algorithm, no single test or training program for the development of an altrocentric leader. Altrocentric leadership is not a template or form that can be filled in.This is because each altrocentric leader is different, even if each shares common features and some of the competencies described above. Each has a different self-image and self-understanding based on his unique characteristics. So it would be misleading to recommend a set of specific tips, steps, or points of advice to follow in order to become an altrocentric leader. Altrocentric leadership is a journey with no clear destination—a journey full of ambiguities, uncertainties, open-ended questions, and (for that matter) a few potential dead ends along the way.