developing a yoga philosophy

Yoga is traditionally made up of at least "8 Limbs" or pathways.  There is so much more to yoga than the physical exercise known as asana.  Care to explore yogic perceptions of meditation?  

Yoga isn't easily defined — there is so much history, there are so many schools, and the concepts overlap — 

Dave Hernandez RYT-500 of the 4th Ave Yoga Studio in Tucson, AZ

has prepared a 6 and a half minute audio intro applying all 8 limbs to the asana practice. This is a brilliant application and really helps incorporate at least 8 limbs into the asana practice of yoga! Take a listen here.  Thanks Dave ; )

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Also, please take a look at this excellent work by Kofi Busia on the Yoga Sutras.

You can see more highly recommended books and websites here.